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Welcome back to A1 Roofing & Waterproofing’s ever-growing contractor’s blog. Today we’re going to be discussing and dissecting roofing material and the world of roofing. We’ve got lots of facts and figures to dig into; so let’s dig in.

Roofing Materials Have Changed

With the advent of modern building materials (including shingles, metal roofing, and high-tech waterproof envelopes), we let a lot of roofing materials fall to the wayside. However, these materials were valid building materials for homes and buildings in the past, and they even exist in some more isolated areas today. Old roofing materials range from thatch and leaves to stone and clay. Did you know that clay tiles were likely invented around 10,000 BC?

Roof Leaks Are On The Move

A leak that’s sprung in a roof can be difficult to spot. Why? Water entering a roof structure will likely stream across architectural elements, and a leak may be spotted dozens of feet away from its original source. Often, leaks are easier to spot from the exterior of a building than the interior. Leaks originating from a roof are usually noticeable due to some sort of weathering or damage.

White Roofing Is On The Rise

Darker roofs are often extremely hot since black materials absorb more light and they hold that light in the form of heat. Imagine pavement on a sunny day. Hot roofs can be very inefficient for a structure that’s aiming to maintain cooler temperatures in the middle of summer’s heat. That’s why lighter-colored roofs are finally coming around. Often, large flat-roofed commercial or industrial buildings will employ white waterproofing materials instead of black material. This reduces cooling costs for the building. Plus, white roofs actually assist us in preventing global warming. White roofs are reflective enough to send much of the sun’s rays back out into the atmosphere, and some of those rays can completely leave our atmosphere. Any sunlight that isn’t absorbed within our atmosphere won’t add to global warming.

Add To Your Roof & Save From Waste

Depending on the materials involved, some roofing material can be applied directly on top of pre-existing material. Why? Simply put, you can’t have too much of a good thing. Adding a roofing layer will make your whole roofing structure less permeable. Moreover, it’ll be more efficient since doubling up on layers acts as a new buffer of insulation. Plus, you’re preventing landfill waste for the time being.

However, if you’re adding a layer of roofing to your house – instead of replacing your roofing – you’ll be adding a lot of weight to its structure. You’ll need to seek advisement from a structural engineer to ensure that your roof will stay sound as you stack on a new layer of roofing.

Think Insurance

Before you run to grab wooden shingles for their aesthetic appeal, think about the added insurance costs. Since wooden shingles are flammable, you’ll likely see a bump in insurance pricing. Some insurance companies simply won’t insure homes with wooden roofs. What’s more? Wooden shingles don’t last. There are numerous longer-lasting options out on the market.

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At A1 Roofing and Waterproofing LLC, we offer superior service to our clients, as well as solid core values, prime of which is our commitment to top quality workmanship and excellent customer service from start to finish. As a roofing and waterproofing contractor, we put every bit of knowledge and expertise into each project, and are never done until the desired results are achieved.
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