A1 Roofing and Waterproofing LLC

We are a simple company with solid core values, prime among them is our commitment to top quality workmanship and excellent customer service from startup to completion! A1 Roofing and Waterproofing LLC started out as a state-certified roofing company, and then quickly added other aspects of construction engineering such as waterproofing, expansion joints, whole building envelopes, pool tanks, concrete restoration works, and stucco corrective works.

With well over 70 years of combined construction experience in correcting and constructing the most challenging projects, from ocean-front property seawalls to subfloor water entry, to deteriorated posts, beams, wall, and balcony decks spalling, as well as whole building painting and all commercial roof systems that require complicated installations, A1 can handle any job.

Our Services Include:

Decks, Balconies, Waterproofing, & Concrete Spalling.

How We Work

We work hand in hand with engineers, building managers, and other specialty contractors to ensure that the scope of your project is completed with the most minimal of changes, and we always pay very close attention to detail.

We are licensed in multiple states and specialize in exterior and interior building works services. Our core principle is to ensure that works are well-planned and that all aspects are taken into consideration, whether it’s a fully occupied building or logistical and weather limitations. We always practice the utmost safety and work tirelessly to complete your project on time.