If you are starting construction on a commercial or residential building, you need to give our waterproofng contractors in the Miami area a call. Miami is known for it’s wet, humid climate, and these conditions can have a negative impact on your building’s construction. Our team can help waterproof both above and below grade so you have comprehensive coverage that keeps your building looking and smelling like new as well as being structurally sound. We offer both pre- and post-applied services, so you can choose which one you need for your building:

  • Pre-applied services. This is when we install the membrane or waterproofing material before construction starts. Once it is installed, repairing the product is virtually impossible. This is a great option for basements.
  • Post-applied services. This option occurs when our team comes along and applies waterproofing to concrete that’s already been poured.

Both of these options require a great deal of skill and expertise, as the waterproofing materials will need to be carefully applied to your structure and follow any curves, turns, or corners in order to give the best protection possible. Our team has the experience needed to ensure proper application, and you’ll love the finished results.

If you are searching for a team to work on your pre- or post-application waterproofing, give us a call. We’ll work with you to make sure your commercial or residential building has the protection it needs. Call us at 954-369-4046 or visit our website to get a Speedy Fast Quote® on waterproofing or any of our other great services.